12 julio 2014

Animation Paper needs you!

Let’s revive hand drawn animation! Let’s get the fun and ease back into 2D! 

Animation Paper is a specialized software application in development. Designed for the experienced and professional animator. Fast and powerful - yet simple, intuitive and effortless to work with. Work rough, quickly test ideas, then clean it up. Animation Paper will be a ton of fun! Enabling new and life long students of animation to train, learn and master the art of animation.

A crowfunding campaign has just began on Indiegogo

The person back Animation Paper is Niels Krogh Mortensen, an experimented danish character animator, graphic artist, creative software developer, game designer, animation producer and director. Two decades ago together with his friend and programmer Jakob Frandsen created the predecessor of Animation Paper, called Plastic Animation Paper. He now want to take the proven values of PAP, and with the help of you and the rest of the community, recreate it as a modern and awesome app for Mac and Windows.

You can see a preview of its functionalities HERE.

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