17 enero 2012

Kjell 'Kjellen' Bigset

Kjell Bigset works for Fjord1 as a bus driver. He lives in Hovdebygda, a little town in the Ørsta fiord. Until here everything would be normal, the life of an ordinary citizen. But no, I'm talking about 'Kjellen' a character created by Thomas Ryste for the norwegian comedy show 'Klypa'. I find him very funny, in some ways reminds me to Richie Richard from the english serie 'Bottom', a histrionic character with the ease of moving from happiness to violence in question of seconds. 

Here you can see a sketch from Klypa, it's in norwegian, so maybe you don't understand anything. For me it's a bit hard ( I understand about 70% ), I don't have a perfect knowledge of the language and I don't understand all , plus he talks in sunnmøring, one of the dozens of dialects that exist in Norway.

I tried to make my own version of the character, I used a retro-cartoon style, like Dexter or Powerpuff Girls. It isn't my style but if you think in animation terms, it's easier in this way.

I recorded two pieces of audio to make a little lipsync. All was done in Flash, using graphic symbols and tween animation.

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