06 octubre 2012

Coming soon

A personal project that I started some weeks ago, more news very soon !!

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10 junio 2012

John Kricfalusi did it again !

A new John K's cartoon has appeared this week. In this case is for advertise some t-shirt designs he drew for an online shop called Stussy. The animation is brilliant as always. John animated the cartoon using ToonBoom's Animate program and worked virtually with some collaborators around the globe.

Here's the cartoon

Images taken from John K's blog

20 abril 2012

Scientific Illustration

The past few weeks I have worked for two employees of the University of Bergen, I have done some scientific illustrations. For Molecular biology and  Marine biology students.

Molecular biology.


Marine biology

Bill Plympton's Couch Gag

THE SIMPSONS - Bill Plympton's Couch Gag from "Beware My Cheating Bart"

06 abril 2012

" Shhh! "

Produced by: Graceland.no
Animation: Animidas.com
Director: Robert Næss
Year of production: 2010
Based on a comic book story by Jason.

05 abril 2012

Animation process

I little video with the different steps I made to animate a walk cycle. Animated with graphic tablet with Toon Boom Animate Pro software.

Yes, the character is a little weird, I will explain in the near future .

08 marzo 2012

08 febrero 2012

Girl kissing the screen

The last days I worked in  a short animation, it was a test for an Android application. They wanted a 5 seconds 'freestyle' animation (my own idea and style) for use as an alert for incoming SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter notifications.

I animated in the traditional way, with pencil and paper, then scanned and vectorized in TB and painted with Flash.


17 enero 2012

Kjell 'Kjellen' Bigset

Kjell Bigset works for Fjord1 as a bus driver. He lives in Hovdebygda, a little town in the Ørsta fiord. Until here everything would be normal, the life of an ordinary citizen. But no, I'm talking about 'Kjellen' a character created by Thomas Ryste for the norwegian comedy show 'Klypa'. I find him very funny, in some ways reminds me to Richie Richard from the english serie 'Bottom', a histrionic character with the ease of moving from happiness to violence in question of seconds. 

Here you can see a sketch from Klypa, it's in norwegian, so maybe you don't understand anything. For me it's a bit hard ( I understand about 70% ), I don't have a perfect knowledge of the language and I don't understand all , plus he talks in sunnmøring, one of the dozens of dialects that exist in Norway.

I tried to make my own version of the character, I used a retro-cartoon style, like Dexter or Powerpuff Girls. It isn't my style but if you think in animation terms, it's easier in this way.

I recorded two pieces of audio to make a little lipsync. All was done in Flash, using graphic symbols and tween animation.