30 diciembre 2011

Scandinavian Muppet Art

In my last post I wrote about inking in Illustrator, I made an illustration for a blog called Scandinavian Muppet Art. In this blog you can see a lot of fantastic illustrations made by scandinavian artists and other people from other parts of the globe. Highly recommended !

08 diciembre 2011

Inking in Illustrator

Some days ago I discovered a fantastic blog called 'Cartoon Snap', made by Sherm Cohen, a storyboard artist an animation director. It's full of interesting and useful information such some tutorials like storyboarding, digital painting with ArtRage or Inking drawings in Illustrator.

I never inked in Illustrator, I tried for the first time while I was watching the videotutorial and... I liked it, I i need to continue improving the technique, but in general terms I'm glad with the obtained result.

 Original drawing
Starting inking in Illustrator

Inked drawing

Finished drawing. Coloured in Photoshop.

This drawing is a part of an illustration I made, I'm going to show you within the next days.