20 agosto 2011

Angora Napkin

Halloween is upon us. It is on this fateful night that we find Beatrice, Molly and Mallory, the pop music group known as Angora Napkin, running behind schedule for their performance at the big Halloween bash.

Taking a short-cut on a dark, twisted mountain road, the girls cross paths with one of the wandering dead and offer him a lift to a secret underground party. It is there that they are introduced to a lonely, misunderstood zombie boy named Dennis who they unwittingly convince to eradicate life on Earth in order to keep the party of the undead going for all eternity!

Will Angora Napkin be able to right the horror they’ve unleashed upon humanity and still make the show on time, or will we all become worm food in the wake of the zombie apocalypse?

Angora Napkin is a project created by Nick Cross and Troy Little. The idea began in the late 90's but it didn't came to life until 2005, when Troy began to draw the first graphic novel. One year later, when Troy was in the middle of the production and managing his cartoonist life with his real life (he has wife and two daughters) Canada's network Teletoon said yes for an Angora Napkin pilot. He called Nick and they started to prepare the first pilot episode.

In 2010 Angora Napkin was nominated for an Eisner Award.

And now, in 2011, Troy is going to make the second AN graphic novel, in full colour, called ' Harvest of Revenge' . If you would like to help Troy in this adventure you can contribute with some bucks, or , maybe, you prefer to buy it. The novel has 152 pages and hard cover and only cost... 19,99 $ . A ridiculous price for a fantastic artwork.

This is the first AN pilot episode. 23 minutes of entertainment.

The second AN pilot episode

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