01 julio 2011

2 very interesting blogs

This week I discovered two fantastic animation blogs.


A huge collection of animated lines such as: Concept art, storyboards, backgrounds, linetests, etc...... of well-know animated films. A must see !!

Ratigan, Disney's The Great Mouse Detective. By Glen Keane

Early designs from 'How to train your dragon'.

Key drawing of Stromboli, animated by Bill Tytla. Disney's animated film 'Pinnochio'

Deleted scene from Lilo & Stitch. Animated by Andreas Deja, Alex Kupershmidt and others.

Bill Tytla - Stromboli Pencil Test from David Nethery on Vimeo.
Stromboli, animated by Bill Tytla

The other blog is...


about animated Special Effects: explosions, drops, water, smoke...... includes real footage and some tutorials

Jason Keyser's EFX Animation Reel from Jason Keyser on Vimeo.

Jason Keyser's Demoreel

Before the computer era, all was made by hand.... Akira !!