30 abril 2011

Elleville Elfrid - Sunshine Katty

I'm currently working as a Flash animator in the production of Elleville Elfrid ( Sushine Katty for the rest of the world ), an animated tv serie for NRK, the norwegian national TV. Each episode is 7 minutes long and for children between 5 and 8 years.

The premiere of the first four episodes is the next week, during the Kristiansand Intertional Children's Film Festival, 3 - 7 May 2011.

Elfrid has a Facebook profile, if you visit you can see the promo.

Click the image to see the animated promo.

24 abril 2011

How cartoons were made ( in the 20th century )

How Walt Disney Studios made Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

Walter Lantz teaching animation.

I remember when I was little, I saw the Woody Woodpecker show on TV, between the cartoons appeared Walter Lantz showing how cartoons were made. I think that these videos awakened the artistic vein in me.

17 abril 2011

First steps with Toon Boom 02 : Creating a background and a multiplane camera

I painted an easy background in Toon Boom, just to try the multiplane camera.

Experimenting the multiplane camera.

I really like it. I made an improvised movement with and improvised background. But if you have a nice Bg and make a good camera planning... with the addition of a real 3D environment, you can make some fantastic scenes.

Here's one example.

05 abril 2011

Firsts steps with Toon Boom

Today I made my first step with Toon Boom Animate. I like it, it's much better than Flash, better brush options, includes an X-Sheet, 3D camera, import directly from scanner, and more..... After 7 years with Flash it's time to try something new.

Flash animation

Some animated scenes that I made two years ago. Poppets Town.

01 abril 2011

Work in progress

Sketch and some storyboard random panels of a current project.