25 marzo 2011

Sex og SingelSiv

Today is the premiere of  the first episode of  'Sex og SingelSiv', a new animated series produced by Qvisten Animation, an animation studio in Oslo, who also produced, a couple of years ago, the series Fanthomas. 

Every Friday we can see a new episode in the website of  norwegian newspaper VG , particularly in its section VGTV. Even if you pay a small amount can see the following episodes before the rest of mortals. 

The series is a parody of  'Sex and the City' and the Norwegian politician Siv Jensen, leader of the Norwegian Conservative Party, the Fremskrittspartiet.

The first episode is pretty good and i like the designs and animation. The distribution is only through the internet, only in the first eight hours the episode was viewed by 56,515 people, plus if you include the Facebook fanpage, the videos that anonymous people will  upload to Youtube, etc ... will become a success, as Fanthomas in his day. And sooner or later the DVD.

Click to see the episode

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