25 marzo 2011

Sex og SingelSiv

Today is the premiere of  the first episode of  'Sex og SingelSiv', a new animated series produced by Qvisten Animation, an animation studio in Oslo, who also produced, a couple of years ago, the series Fanthomas. 

Every Friday we can see a new episode in the website of  norwegian newspaper VG , particularly in its section VGTV. Even if you pay a small amount can see the following episodes before the rest of mortals. 

The series is a parody of  'Sex and the City' and the Norwegian politician Siv Jensen, leader of the Norwegian Conservative Party, the Fremskrittspartiet.

The first episode is pretty good and i like the designs and animation. The distribution is only through the internet, only in the first eight hours the episode was viewed by 56,515 people, plus if you include the Facebook fanpage, the videos that anonymous people will  upload to Youtube, etc ... will become a success, as Fanthomas in his day. And sooner or later the DVD.

Click to see the episode

10 marzo 2011

Kaboing TV is here !!!

Tomorrow, March 11th, is the Premiere of Joe Murray's Kaboing TV. An online platform  for animated entertainment and animators !!

Joe's words

We will premiere a new episode of “ Frog In A Suit” each Friday from March 11 to March 25 and then see where it goes from there. It will be a work in progress,, sort of like when Disneyland first opened and there were things breaking down and high heels getting stuck in newly laid asphalt,, but oh well.
I’m hoping that KaboingTV creates a platform for cartoon creators to take their cartoons directly to the people. It will take a lot of work, and additional funding from viewers. We will not be starting out with any funding from the outside, or from advertising or subscriptions. Since these cartoons were produced with the funding from “the people” ( Kickstarter backers) I feel it should be “out there ” for the people. But to make further episodes, I need a viewer to step up and drop some money in the hat. Take a moment and pledge for new cartoons, or to keep the site going. Tell your friends about it,, put links on your facebook page,.
It will up to us to make this happen.

Here's the first webisode

You haven't got any excuse to not visit Kaboing TV, quality animation for free ! :) Visit, send to your friends, expand the animated plague !

This is the beginning of a loooong way.... good luck Joe !


Kaboing TV.

KaboingTV' Facebook's page

Frog in a Suit Facebook's page

Joe Murray Studio

Joe Murray's blog

04 marzo 2011

Work in progress

Currently my day to day is divided into two parts:

1 - Looking for a job, send cv's ....
2 - Working on my projects

The major part of the day in front of the computer.

These days i'm working on a storyboard. It's the final work of the 1st Joe Murray's Masterclass, (Crafting a cartoon). I need to finish and send it the next week, before the second and last masterclass begins (Creating and Pitching an Animated Series!).

Ohh ! I didn't see before. This is the post number 100, and this month is the fifth anniversary of the blog !

Hurra for meg !!