15 febrero 2011


This week I'm finishing my first Joe Murray's online masterclass, it's called ' Crafting a cartoon'. It's not about how to animate characters and things, it's about how to develope and produce a project for Tv, web and shortfilm.

It has been a fantastic experience. I learned how to develope characters ( character hooks, protagonists-antagonists, chemistry, etc...), develope and planning locations, how to make a consistent scripts, gags.... Now, I need to make my final 'exam': I took one of the premises that I wrote and thumbnailed and make a final storyboard or animatic.

It was nice to meet Joe, a great professional. We exchanged points of view about scripts, characters, the animation world, the difference between american an european humor... I have a good impresion, although I knew, a cartoonist/animator never is a boring and a serious person. :)

These days i'm searching information and art to inspire me, I'm going to design the backgrounds and some stuff. I'm thinking to animate with Toon Boom Animate, I found some nice blogs with video-tutorials and information, and it can be nice to learn a new program. I downloaded a trial version of the program, but at this moment i'm not 100% sure.

Some inspiration examples. :D

Hanna-Barbera backgrounds

Mary Blair paintings

Adam Phillips, shows how he draw a background in TBA

Stay tuned ! :D

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