28 febrero 2011

Animation in schools

I recently discovered a very interesting blog, it's called: Animasjon i skolen ( animation in schools ), it's in norwegian, but you can translate with Google translator.

The blog is written by Bente Assheim, a teacher with experience in animation. For over 10 years she's using animation as a teaching method for children, and makes courses for other teachers to do the same. She had also written books on how to educate children with animation, among others. She offers a variety of courses and seminars, for children and teachers, and customizes the courses depending the needs.

If you enter to her blog you can see a lot of animations made by her little students. She teach stop-motion animation: cut-out and plasticine.

 Maybe some of these children have a great future in the animation world.

Future storyboard artist?

Sincerely, I find very interesting to motivate and enhance children's creativity in this way. Actually schools are indoctrination centers, where children are forced to memorize numerous data (mostly useless) and where creativity is despised and suppressed.

Photos and  video taken from Bente's blog.

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