28 febrero 2011

Creativity in schools

In the last post I talk about Animasjon i skolen, a blog  about teaching animation in schools.

About this subject, develope and enhance creativity in children, there is a very interesting video of Sir Ken Robinson, "schools kill creativity?". I think it is an essential video

And two more videos of Sir Ken Robinson

Bring on the learning revolution !

Changing education paradigms

Animation in schools

I recently discovered a very interesting blog, it's called: Animasjon i skolen ( animation in schools ), it's in norwegian, but you can translate with Google translator.

The blog is written by Bente Assheim, a teacher with experience in animation. For over 10 years she's using animation as a teaching method for children, and makes courses for other teachers to do the same. She had also written books on how to educate children with animation, among others. She offers a variety of courses and seminars, for children and teachers, and customizes the courses depending the needs.

If you enter to her blog you can see a lot of animations made by her little students. She teach stop-motion animation: cut-out and plasticine.

 Maybe some of these children have a great future in the animation world.

Future storyboard artist?

Sincerely, I find very interesting to motivate and enhance children's creativity in this way. Actually schools are indoctrination centers, where children are forced to memorize numerous data (mostly useless) and where creativity is despised and suppressed.

Photos and  video taken from Bente's blog.

20 febrero 2011

15 febrero 2011


This week I'm finishing my first Joe Murray's online masterclass, it's called ' Crafting a cartoon'. It's not about how to animate characters and things, it's about how to develope and produce a project for Tv, web and shortfilm.

It has been a fantastic experience. I learned how to develope characters ( character hooks, protagonists-antagonists, chemistry, etc...), develope and planning locations, how to make a consistent scripts, gags.... Now, I need to make my final 'exam': I took one of the premises that I wrote and thumbnailed and make a final storyboard or animatic.

It was nice to meet Joe, a great professional. We exchanged points of view about scripts, characters, the animation world, the difference between american an european humor... I have a good impresion, although I knew, a cartoonist/animator never is a boring and a serious person. :)

These days i'm searching information and art to inspire me, I'm going to design the backgrounds and some stuff. I'm thinking to animate with Toon Boom Animate, I found some nice blogs with video-tutorials and information, and it can be nice to learn a new program. I downloaded a trial version of the program, but at this moment i'm not 100% sure.

Some inspiration examples. :D

Hanna-Barbera backgrounds

Mary Blair paintings

Adam Phillips, shows how he draw a background in TBA

Stay tuned ! :D

10 febrero 2011

Dream Worlds , Production design for animation - Hans Bacher

Dream Worlds is a fantastic book, it's about production design for animation ( series and features ) , the author is Hans Bacher who worked nearly 20 years in Disney. It's published by Focal Press.

Dream Worlds es un libro fantástico, acerca el diseño de producción en animación ( películas y series ), el autor es Hans Bacher, trabajó cerce de 20 años en los estudios Disney. Ha sido publicado por Focal Press.

In this book you can enjoy a lot of pre-designs, concept art, visual development.... from the last Disney films and you can learn about camera rules, composition of a scene, value and color and more. It's really inspiring !! The book is full color and brilliant and satin paper.

En este libro podrás ver: arte conceptual, pre-diseños, desenvolupamiento visual...de los últimos films de Disney y podrás aprender sobre enfoques de camara, composición de escenas, color, y más. ES realmente inspirador ! Es libro es a todo color y con papel brillante y satinado.

It's edited by Focal Press, I really like this publisher, they have a lot of good animation books and many others. At this moment I have 6 Focal books:

Está editado por Focal Press, me encanta esta editorial, tienen bastantes buenos libros sobre animación. Actualmente tengo 6 libros de esta editorial.

- Dream Worlds, production design for animation
- Layout and Composition for Animation
- Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes ( 1 & 2),
- Elemental Magic ( Special Effects animation ) Highly recommended !!
- Directing the story. ( Storytelling and storyboarding  )  Highly recommended !!

This is one of the books that came with me to Norway. I haven't got many space in my room and I couldn't come with all my collection of animation books. :)... but in few months i'm going to have all my collection again, I hope !

Este es uno de los libros que vino conmigo a Noruega. No tengo mucho espacio en mí habitación, no he podido venir con toda mí colección de libros de animación...pero, espero, que en los proximos meses pueda volverlos a tener todos juntos.

Why I choose this book and not another ? I'm going to explain in another post. :)

¿Porqué escogí este libro y no otro? Lo explicaré en otro post. :)

Some page exemples from Dream Worlds.

 Dialogue set up

 Mulan concept art

 Brother Bear concept art

Various designs

Illustrations and designs are Copyright © Disney Enterprises, Inc & Hans Bacher.

07 febrero 2011

Two links for independents

Here are two articles about alternatives to the accepted ways of doing business.

This story from Fast Company is interesting because it explains how the people running YouTube see their business. It also goes into detail about how advertising revenue is being generated and split with content producers.

This story about Brooklyn animator Mark Stansberry tells how he's marketing his character and cartoons on the N.Y. subway system.

Original article:  Mayerson on Animation