24 enero 2011

The Pig Farmer - Nick Cross

Finally, after 10 months of production, Nick Cross released his latest film, The Pig Farmer.

What can I say ? nothing bad.... it's a fantastic film ! Elaborated and colourful backgrounds, good animation and some nice camera effects.

I started to know about Nick Cross some years ago.... Always I like John Kricfalusi's cartoons, one day I discovered his blog and thanks to this I started to know some people that worked or developed their careers thanks to John K. Like Katie Rice, Kali Fontecchio, Marlo Meekins, Nick Cross...and others.

Two years ago I bought Nick's first film ( I think it's the first ), 'The Waif of Persephone'.  I liked it ! The last year, he released another short, 'Yellow Cake'. It's nice, has a better production, and you can see the artistic evolution of Nick. And finally ' The Pig Farmer'. If you don't know who is Nick and never have seen one of his short, now you have a good excuse.

The difference between The Pig Farmer and the others is that for the first time he used a funding platform. The web is IndieGoGo. I wrote about this type of platforms here, and I say the same: I like this kind of platforms, people who supports the projects are really interested or believe in the person behind. 

Well, that's all ! you can see now the three short: The waif of Persephone, Yellow Cake and The Pig Farmer, and, if you prefer you can visit Nick's profile in Vimeo with more videos.

The Waif of Persephone

Yellow Cake

The Pig Farmer

17 enero 2011

Work in progress

Another scene of my project. As the others, hand draw animation made with digital tablet and using Flash.

© kenneth figuerola 2011

05 enero 2011

Work in progress - 3D

Bueno, al fín me he puesto con el 3D, desde que acabé el curso intensivo el pasado Julio no me habia puesto de nuevo. Más o menos el fondo será así, quedan por hacer retoques pero bueno... poc a poc.

Finally, I started with the 3D production, since i finished the course, last summer, i didn't work again with the program. This is the general background, I need to make some little things and change some presets.... patience.