24 noviembre 2010

Work in progress

He doesn't understand modern art. ( me too )

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18 noviembre 2010

Joe Murray's KaBoing TV

Kaboing TV es el último proyecto del director de animación Joe Murray, un portal web dedicado exclusivamente a la animación. Se trata de un proyecto 100% independiente, ninguna 'gran empresa' está detrás, el dinero para este proyecto se ha conseguido a través de Kickstarter, una plataforma online para creativos donde gente anónima puede aportar su granito de arena en forma de $. La verdad es que este tipo de plataformas me gusta, ya que quien apoya el proyecto es gente interesada o que cree seriamente en el proyecto o la persona que hay detrás.

Kaboing TV is Joe Murray's last project, a web portal entirely dedicated to cartoons. This project is 100% independent, the money for this project has been achieved trough Kickstarter, an online platform for creative where anonymous people can contribute sending some $. I like this kind of platforms, because people who supports the project are really interested people or believe in the project or the person behind.

Además de KaBoing, Joe está trabajando, juntamente con Jantze Animation, en la producción de su nueva serie online, ' Frog in the Suit', a continuación podeis ver algo de material.

In addition to work in KaBoing, Joe is working together with Jantze Animation, in the production of his new online serie, 'Frog in the Suit', you can see some stuff.

Además de estos dos proyectos Joe publicó un libro a finales de verano llamado ' Creating Animated Cartoons with character', una guía ilustrada de como crear y producir animación para televisión, cine y web y lo más importante, como tener éxito con el proyecto.

At the end of the summer Joe published a book called ' Creating a Cartoon with Character', a fully illustrated guide to creating and producing a successful animated series for television, short film, and the Web.

De momento KaBoing TV está offline, la inauguración será en breve, desde aquí esperamos que tanto Joe como KaBoing tengan éxito.

KaBoing TV is offline, the premiere will be soon, from here we hope that both Joe and KaBoing have a big succees.


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02 noviembre 2010

Animated advertisings - my reflexion

I still hope the day i can join my two passions (the two most important and creative work I've ever had in my life), animation and online advertising.

I've always believed, that is more attractive and interesting an animated banner (with animation I mean real animation, not letters moving in and out and a button that says Click here, if it's not animated put a bit of interactivity) Let's be honest, people do not pay much attention to the banners, always are the same, easy with a basic message. If we want that people feel attracted to the product we need to give something that will make they want to click. But we can not do only an animated banner and then a basic web form, the banner has to link to a fully animated site (pure entertainment).

It can be done in many ways, advergames, sponsored shortfilms, animated comic strips, etc .... logically not everyone who enters the Web will end up consuming the product, but doing something creative and different leads people to forward it to their friends and become a kind of viral ... to finish covering a much larger target, and target broader business opportunities.

But..always is the big problem, money !! To make this type of advertainment is expensive, more expensive than if you had only a web-designer making Gif banners.... but it's logic, more quality = more price.

Well, I do not dwell more, I leave you with some articles that John Kricfalusi wrote about it 3 years ago and I put some examples.

Direct sponsorship 01

Direct sponsorship 02

How Web will topple television

Esurance ( insurance company )

All the cartoons of Esurance

Fanthomas ( Sponsored by Expert )


John Kricfalusi's Comcast commercial

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