27 septiembre 2010

95% finished !

Yeah... !! finally, I'm finishing one of myself projects. I'm cleaning the last rough drawings, and....that's all !!

It had been a long and nice trip, I started this the last days of December of 2009, but I only worked when I had free time. This short is special, it's my first personal animation. I worked some years ago in the animation industry, but, always for other people. After years without catch any type of pencils, for different reasons...another type of job, inner fights and something more.... and after to have long sessions of psychology with my particular psychologist-animator and friend, Sergi Cámara :) i'm joking..... finally I can say, it's done !!

Another important thing in all film production is the music. Florenci Salesas is the person who is going to put music and sound. Another great person (but crazy), he's an animator, illustrator and musician. I've got the honour to know Florenci and Sergi since 1999, when i started to work as an inbetweener in Studio Camara.

Well, that's all.... stay tuned !!

22 septiembre 2010

Starting to animate scenes

Today i started to animate the scenes of my final project. Finally i'm going to animate in 2D. I used Adobe Flash for it.

13 septiembre 2010

Animation exercice

Fast exercice made directly with Wacom.

10 septiembre 2010

Character sketch

Made fast with my Intuos. I like it !!

01 septiembre 2010

Multimedia en las escuelas - Multimedia in schools

Este último año he estado trabajando en la realización de contenido multimedia para las escuelas. Es un proyecto que se pone en marcha en todas las escuelas de Catalunya este mes de septiembre , en el inicio del curso escolar.

Mí tarea ha consistido en realizar animaciones Flash de las distintas materias y lecciones: Ciencias naturales, Tecnología, Geografía, etc ..... para una editorial de libros escolares.

No se si este proyecto es sólo en Catalunya o en toda España, lo desconozco. Si no lo es....pronto lo será, ya que la tendencia va hacía ahí. Los alumnos tendrán un pequeño laptop, ( demasiado pequeño para mí gusto ) donde entrarán a una plataforma online y desde ahí hacía los distintas materias educativas.

This last year i was working making multimedia content for schools. It's a project that is going to start in all the schools of Catalunya this September.

My work was to make Flash animations of the different themes: natural science, geography, technology.... for a school book editor.

I don't know if this project it's only in Catalunya or in all Spain, if not.... in a few times will happen, the tendence goes to this. Students will have a little laptop ( very little for my point of view ) where they will enter to an online platform and choose the theme.



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